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Hurricane Irma updating

Hurricane Irma has passed and devastating the Caribbean islands he encountered on his route. We talk about dead, at least ten, on the islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy. Hurricane hit category 5, recording winds of up to 140 knots, which would be the strongest ever recorded in such a weather system in the Atlantic. The strength of the wind and the sea shifted boats and containers, destroying entire stretches of coastline, damaging most of the buildings. The hurricane has almost completely destroyed the tiny islands of Barbuda and, precisely, Saint Martin. It was evacuated Florida where Irma went without doing too much damage.

Irma has destroyed most fleets of boats and catamarans, some companies have lost 90% of the fleet’s.

Today, working to improve the situation. Insurance has paid the shipowners and these have already bought new boats and catamarans.

The least affected boats have already been repaired and others are on site for repairs.

Barcando has already met personally charter companies affected by the hurricane, and confirms from now that it is already possible to charter a boat or a catamaran in the Caribbean. Availability for these upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays is low because the boats you bought have not been delivered yet.

In any case, to charter a boat to the Caribbean, especially to the BVI and the Bahamas it is best to do so long before 6 months.

Barcando is available for any related information.

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