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Become our partner and list your property.

Becomes our Partner, list your Marina!

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Send us immediately after all the information (texts and photos) that you want to know about your Marina / Shipyard to the e.mail address:

We will immediately put you in the page dedicated to your structure and make it visible to everyone.

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Let know your Marina to our Customers

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We have found that our customers, with each charter, find it difficult to find some information; They do not know clearly where the marinas are located and what they are nearby.

We want to offer clear and open information so that it is easier for our customers to organize the itinerary, know the marinas in advance and also visit the land on the ground with more ease and programming. They would have a good return both to the Port and to the activities and services around it. is becoming one of the largest and most comprehensive nautical charter portals in the world.

What we offer you:

– Your facility will have a dedicated page where you can freely enter all the information, services you offer to your customers, eg. Yard services, ground services, and more; You can enter the contacts, the link to your website and the photos. And whatever else is relevant to your naval activity. It will always be visible to all Barcando visitors. We do not ask for any commission but only a small annual fee (100 € / year). Your page will be like a book open to portal visitors.
Send us the information and we will put it all in for you in a very short time. A search engine and an easy-to-use interactive map are two useful tools for finding your property.
In addition, the marina can be present with a Post on the page of the nearest location and also on the list of marinas in evidence.
We are mapping all the ports in Mediterranean sea, and you are also part of this system that guarantees the transparency of the information and direct contact with the customer.

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If you want more visibility, your facility will be visible (in addition to the search results list) on the first page dedicated to the Marina under the heading “Ports and Marina in Evidence” and within the destination page.