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For those who sail along the coast and look for a safe harbor where to docking.

From the north to the south, from east to west, and all the seas of the world there are numerous ports and marinas to welcome those coming from the sea. Discover the services they offer through our search engine and choose the Marina on your route that meets your needs.

Trace the route with Barcando.

With our dedicated search engine, we offer you GPS coordinates / Positioning on the map of all the marinas, ports and shipyards. So you can plan your trip and trace your route. For our Marina partners, you will have all the information about direct contact, phone, email, Gps coordinates, available services and photo gallery. With us you can directly contact the favorite marina and ask for a berth, a quote or whatever you want. All in one portal, all dedicated to pleasure and all in one click.

How to find a Marinas / Ports / Boatyard inside to the web-site?

Use the search engine and you will find a list of all the ports in the chosen location. Enter the location where you want to search your Marina, click the search button, and choose from the search results.

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Not always stay at anchor! Moor your boat in a safe harbor and enjoy the services of our marinas.

Are you a operator? Register your Marina/Port/Boatyard in our portal, contact us to know our conditions very attractive rates!

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