Do you own a boat or are you going to buy a new one?

From now owning the boat is no longer a cost … but a gain!

Clear savings on mooring costs.
Net savings on insurance costs.

Net savings on management and maintenance costs.
Net savings on seafarer / manager / captain costs.
Possibility of using the boat without having to prepare it first.
Get an annual income.

Dedicated to all owners of sailboats who wish to free themselves of the annual costs of management and maintenance of their boat; always use the boat without having to prepare it first, obtaining an annual gain calculated on the basis of two simple management and rental programs. And no longer having to think about selling the boat for inactivity or for excessive costs.

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“the most beautiful moments of a boat are when you buy and when you sell” …

This is what is said …

Buying the boat alone, you pay 100% of the value and you have the annual costs of about 5% or even 10% on the value, the thoughts, and the hassles.

The port, the orgmeggi, the transfers, the cleaning, the maintenance, the insurance …

Today you can forget all these thoughts, pay half the boat and turn the cost into a profitable investment.

You buy a yacht

  • Purchase cost
  • Annual cost


We manage your boat

  • Purchase cost
  • Management
  • Your income

Our management intervenes helping you to spend less, you can pay up to 50%/60% of the purchase cost of the boat.

You can choose between two different management options.

you participate with us in the management; we take care of the shipments and produce an income and, you commit yourself to bear part of the costs. You will receive a high percentage of turnover.


You forget everything, you receive a yearly fixed income and you enjoy the boat for 4/6 weeks every 6 months.

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