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Noleggio catamarani: Tirreno centro Italia, Ponza, Nettuno


Noleggio barche a vela Tirreno centro Italia, Ponza, Nettuno



Noleggio yachts con equipaggio Tirreno centro Italia, Ponza, Nettuno

Unlike most islands in Italy, Ponza is fairly accessible. As you make your way down the streets, the island’s surprisingly low-key and laid-back vibe is immediately evident. The streets are unmanicured, the flora and fauna wild and untrimmed.
You could stay on board off the coast, dropping the anchors in one of the windless alcoves that surround the island and can spend the day diving off the boat, enjoying fresh mozzarella and focaccia. Night life is equally simple; a sunset aperitif followed by a dinner that goes until the last man standing.




Palmarola has an extremely rocky coast dotted with natural grottos, bays, cliffs, and crags. The island is primarily a nature reserve, but there are a handful of ports where boats can land and several restaurants that cater to tourists during the summer season. A few small beaches exist. The famous French explorer and oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau appointed Palmarola as “The most Beautiful Island in the Mediterranean Sea”.

Ventotene, referred to by Homer as Isle of the Sirens, is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Breathing in the heady and drawn by the pull of the clear blue water, you can make your way to Porto Romano: the port was carved out of the porous tufa stone over 2,000 years ago, in 29BC. The picturesque portside is bustling with fishing boats, dive centres, boat hires and bars, making good use of the ancient warehouses carved into the rock face.