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Lagoon 52 Luxury


Lagoon 52

Brisish Virgin Islands

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Lagoon 42

Brisish Virgin Islands

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Lagoon 620 Luxury

Brisish Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands are a fantastic archipelago and include some sixty islands, mostly volcanic and hilly. The most extensive is Tortola, followed by Virgin Gorda, Anegana and Jost Van Dyke. Consider the best place in the world to charter a catamaran or sailboat, offer more … from unspoilt beaches, stunning bays to give ground, thousands of shelters. Great restaurants on the beach. Among the islands the sea is always good and the constant wind. The climate is stable. Cities are considered super safe for residents and tourists. The marinas are so many and very organized. The paradise of sailing and the sea.

TORTOLA: Starting point for our charter, Tortola is the largest and most populated island of the archipelago, on which is located the capital city Road Town. Tortola is a mountainous 19 km long and 5 km wide, with an area of 55.7 km². The highest peak on the island is Mount Sage (530 m), from which you enjoy a unique panoramic view of the world.

Nanny Cay base:

After drifting the moorings from the Nanny Cay Marina, one of the nicest boats in the BVI, located on the island of Tortola, you will be transported by the steady stream of hot airships through a spectacular succession of paradisiacal islands. Beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports and hiking are just some of the exciting activities that await you.

Sailboats and unmanned catamarans in Bareboat, sailboats and catamarans with All-inclusive crew (everything but everything included!)

Starting point for BVI: Tortola – Virgin Gorda. Catamarans from 31 to 62 feet. Sailboats. With or without crew.

Visit the base and fleet from Nanny Cay!

VIRGIN GORDA: Virgin Gorda is the third largest and the second most populous of the British Virgin Islands, with 3,000 inhabitants descending from former slaves or Portuguese. It is a breathtaking island, full of quiet bays, safe moorings, luxury villas and resorts. Regatta place. The Baths, a unique attraction, where huge granite boulders create mysterious caves, salt water pools and a link path that attracts tourists from all over the world. Great place to swim and snorkel.

ANEGADA: is a coral reef island, and its beaches are the most beautiful in the Caribbean. The northernmost of the British Virgin Islands is located about 24km north of the Virgin Gorda Island. The island is basically flat and low, and its highest point reaches only 8.5m above sea level, which has earned it the title of “drowning land”. It is separated from the Sombrero island of Anguilla by the narrow Anegada Passage. It covers an area of 38 square kilometers, making it the second largest island in the British Virgin Islands. It is scarcely inhabited and the population is only 200 people. Its feature is the beaches, where it is possible to walk about 20 km on the sand, and the coral reef where the sun is seen disappearing into the waves. Anegada is also a paradise for diving and snorkeling.

JOST VAN DYKE: located about 6 km west of Tortola, is covered by hills rich in vegetation. The highest point of the island, the highland named Majohnny Hill, rises up to 321 m. The name of the island comes from that of Joost van Dyk, a Dutch hawk who was among the first colonists in Europe of the Virgin Islands. In the eastern part of the island there is Diamond Cay, not a real island as it is linked to Jost Van Dyke by a thin tongue of land. Famous for the spectacular bays and the number of fun bars on the beach.