During the winter months, and not just those, the ideal nautical charter destinations are definitely the Caribbean, from North America to South America. We propose the Caribbean of the North, the British Virgin Islands, the French and Dutch Antilles, Saint Martin, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Vincent, the Bahamas and the Grenadines. Boating charter is certainly the way to visit and appreciate the variety of Caribbean islands to the full. The ideal charter season in these resorts begins in November, it is very busy between Christmas and New Year, and ends in May.

The Caribbean is made up of a complex of islands separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea and the latter from the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are grouped into archipelagos, among them

ci sono, le Grandi Antille, le Piccole Antille e le isole Bahamas.

British Virgin islands / BVI

Caraibi, caribbean

British Virgin Islands

are an archipelago of 40 islands, whose capital is Road Town. Among these islands, important nautical charter routes are Tortola, Anegada and Virgin Gorda.

Tortola is the largest island in the archipelago, rich in everything you need for a perfect beach holiday: crystal clear waters, white beaches, green mountains and secure sailing boats. Similar landscape features are found in Virgin Gorda, rich in life and safe landing with its many tourist harbors. Anegada, compared to the first, is characterized by being the only coral island in the volcanic chain of the British Virgin Islands. The best way to appreciate the variety of this archipelago is sailing on board sailing boats.

Starting point for BVI: Tortola – Virgin Gorda. Catamarans from 31 to 62 feet. Sailboats. With or without crew.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

are an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida, north of Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean, and west of the British dependence of the Turks and Caicos Islands. 700 islands and 2000 cays immersed in the transparent tropical sea consisting mainly of flat coral. Every Bahamas island offers various typical experiences that can be experienced by navigating by boat. Uninhabited Cay, hidden creeks, and marine equipped with the latest equipment (about 60). The main islands of this archipelago are New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Andros, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Harbor Island, Exuma and San Salvador.

Catamarans 40 to 70 feet, with or without crew. Sailboats. Luxury Yacht. Embarkation from Nassau.

Martinica and Grenadine

Isole Vergini, virgin islands

Martinica and Grenadine.

D1 Arrival – Transfer – Welcome Drink in Le Marin  – Boarding (if early arrival sailing to Ste Anne (1h) or to Baie des Anglais (3h) – Dinner on board or on land.
D2 During morning and lunch in Baie des Anglais. Swimming, kayak. Departure for Marigot du Diamant for the overnight. Dinner on land.
D3 Diving at the Diamant Rock. Lunch on board. Sailing until  Anse d’Arlet. Swimming, kayak Local dinner party on land.
D4 Swimming and sailing back to Le Marin. Disembarkation before noon and early check-in at the airport. Guided tour of Martinique by bus.

D1  Arrival – Transfer  – Welcome Drink in Le Marin. Boarding (if early arrival sailing to Ste Anne (1h) Dinner on board.
D2  Departure for Ste LuciaRodney Bay (4h). Lunch on board. Visit of the natural reserve Pigeon Island and swimming. « Friday Night » in Gros Ilets  –  BBQ – music – authenticity guaranteed.

D3  Departure to the South to Deux Pitons (3h). Lunch on land in Soufrière. Trekking in the tropical forest : waterfalls and sulphurous springs. Dinner on board.
D4  Swimming and snorkeling at Rachette Point. Sailing back to North to Marigot Bay (2h). Apéritif on land and then back on board for dinner. Return to Martinique, Le Marin (5h). Local party on land, departure by bus.
D5 Disembarkation before noon and early check-in at the airport. Guided tour of Martinique by bus.

D1     Boarding in late afternoon in the marina of  Le Marin, Martinique.   – D2      Morning : hand-over of the boat, clearance and provisioning. Sailing to Ste Lucie, Rodney Bay (4h) – D3      Departure to Bequia by following the coasts of Ste Lucie and St Vincent (8h). – D4      Short sailing to Moustiqueat noon, and night-over in the Tobago Cays (4h).   – D5      During the morning in the Tobago Cays.
After lunch departure to Union (2h). – D6      Sailing to Bequia (6h) – stopover for lunch in Cannoua – D7     Departure early in the morning to Ste Lucie and return to Ste Anne, Martinique (12h) – D8     Disembarkment at 10am in Le Marin in Martinique.

D1  Arrival in Martinique at the aiport of Fort-de-France, Aimé Césaire. In the evening boarding in Le Marin. – D2 Technical hand-over of the boat, clearance at the customs, provisioning. Departure before noon to the neighbour island  Ste Lucie (6h). Clearance. Swimming and a walk in Marigot Bay. D3  Big sailing day (8h) with arrival in Admiralty Bay, Bequia. Swimming, provisioning at the local market and clearance for the entry to the Grenadines. D4 Heading to Moustique in the morning (3h). Delightful british Jet Set island with its famous Basil’s Bar.  D5  Leaving Moustique in direction to Mayreau (6h). Mayreau is the entry to the famous Tobago Cays. Paradise : white sand beach, coconut trees…. Dinner and overnight on board. D6  Short navigation to the Tobago Cays, mooring near to the coral reef.  Lunch on board; swimming and snorkeling.  Great underwater experience with colourful fishes, turtles, corals … Dinner on the beach is possible  –  fish or crawfish BBQ. D7   Swimming and snorkeling in the morning.  Sailing to Union (2h) – refuelling stop. Walking and  shopping. Departure to Palm Island next to Union. D8  Sailing back to the North to St Vincent (8h)Mooring in Cumberland Bay. D9 Navigation (10h) heading  to the North of  Ste Lucie.
Anchorage  in Rodney Bay.

D1 Le Marin – Martinique
Le Marin – Martinique, Saint-Pierre – North of Martinique (6h)

D3 Saint-Pierre -Martinique, oseau Bay – Dominica (6h)
D4 Roseau Bay – Dominica, Portsmouth – Prince Rupert Bay  (4h)
D5 Dominique, Anse Canot – Marie-Galante (4h)
D6 Marie-Galante, Ilet  à Cabri – Les Saintes (3h)
D7 Ilet à Cabri – Les Saintes, Anse du Bois Joli – Les Saintes (1h)
D8 Les Saintes, Batali Beach – Dominica  (4h)
D9 Dominica, Case Pilote – Martinique (6h)
D10 Case Pilote, Le Marin – Martinique (5h)
D11 Le Marin :  disembarkment at 10 am